1. Frames

Stock Front clips or sub-compact clips only.
NO made for racing coil-over shock assemblies front or rear.
All trucks must have stock lower control arms in front and in stock location.
Minimum wheelbase length will be 94 inches.
Tubular front bumpers must be covered by nose pieces no sharp edges.

2. Bodies

Fiberglass body parts OK.
Must look like a truck and use stock appearing truck nose piece.
Roof no lower than 48 inches from the ground.
Mirrors are optional on asphalt. NO MIRRORS ALLOWED ON DIRT.
Spoilers allowed on the rear of the truck only.
Roof must be stock size (length and width)
Windshield angle no more than 28 degrees.

3. Engines

4 cylinder, 1 cam shaft.
Crank pulley no further back than front cross member, If so must add 50 LBS.
After market aluminum cylinder head must add 100 LBS.
1 two barrel carburetor only.

4. Rear End and Transmission

OEM rear end and transmission only.
NO quick changes.
3, 4, or 5 speeds OK, also Automatics OK.

5. Tires and Wheels

No tires allowed with greater than 8 inch stamp. All tires not stamped as 8 inch must pass thru a 10
inch hoop (including sidewall) to be deemed legal. 13 inch or 15 inch allowed.
Wheel may not exceed 8 inches in width.

6. Weight

Starting weight is 2100 LBS with Driver.
Trucks using true coil-overs must weigh an extra 100 pounds.
Trucks will be weighed on a random basis determined by PTRA Officers or by a track official with
permission from the PTRA Officers.

All trucks will be inspected by PTRA Officers for all Safety and General Competition rules. PTRA
Officers reserve the right to add weight to ANY truck that wins more than 2 consecutive features to
uphold the level of competition.
Truck rules