1. The pure stock cars must have minimum of 108'' wheelbase, Uni-body cars must tie frames together with 2"
box tubing, and roll cage must be welded to tubing added to frame. No shortening of factory wheelbase. No
fabricated X's or other bars are to be added to underside of frame. Rear wheel drive cars only.

2. Stock appearing body panels only. Fenders, doors, and quarter panels must remain as close as possible to
original bodylines. Skirting is allowed but must have a minimum of 6” (inch) clearance between the ground and
the bottom of the skirting. After market plastic nose and tailpieces allowed. No altering of inner wheel wells
except for tire clearance.

3. The car must run original body as make of frame; have full floor boards and full firewalls in stock location.
No fabricating of fire walls. Patching of rust holes is mandatory. No decking.
“Cars built before November of 2013 may fabricate firewall in stock location. Firewall must be straight from
side to side. Cars without factory firewall must add 50lbs in front of firewall.”

4. All chrome must be removed inside and out on body of car. Numbers must appear on both doors and roof of
5. No frame changes, seat must be in stock location, and steering column must be stock length. At no time will
there be exceptions to this rule to move driver back in the car, other than for size and safety of the driver. Dash
length not to exceed further than the back of the steering wheel all the way across from door to door.

6. Doors must be welded, chained, or bolted shut.

7. 8" Maximum height spoiler allowed on trunk only. Two spoiler supports no higher than the spoiler. Side
supports may be 15" long measured from the bottom forward. 2" high in front.

8. Competition type 4-point cage mandatory with a minimum of 3 bars in drivers door and 2 bars in passenger
door. Roll cage is permitted to have brace bars extending through firewall.

9. Three bars are required in windshield area for driver protection. Four point shoulder harness, racing seat, and
fuel cell are required. No outside rub bars allowed. 2 in. straps are required in the mounting of the fuel cells.
Fuel cells must be in steel can and not lower than the bottom of the rear end.

10. Stock bumpers front and rear. Aftermarket nose and tailpieces allowed. Fabricated bumpers may only be
used if covered with an aftermarket nose and tailpiece. A hoop is allowed on front and rear bumper. Support
braces to front hoop can be run to frame but must be within 1 in. proceeding no further back than the radiator.
Rear hoop can be braced inside trunk to frame. Bumper ends may be cut, but must be capped.

11. No mirrors allowed. No racing pedals other than gas pedal for safety purposes. Stock mount dual reservoir
master cylinders only. Minimum 3-wheel brakes. No brake adjusters or shutoffs.

12. Fire extinguishers are mandatory. Two drive shaft hoops are mandatory. Drive shafts are to be painted
white. Must have full fire suit and full-face helmet.

13. If battery is in drivers compartment it must be enclosed in a marine type box with a lid.

14. All weights must be painted white with car number. Weight must be mounted with bolts to the frame or roll
cage. Not on top of roll cage or on rear bumper.

15. Hole is allowed in hood for air cleaner.

1. All suspension parts must remain in stock location. Racing springs are allowed. No jack bolts or jacking
devices front or rear. Non-adjustable spring spacers allowed on front only. NO heim ends.

2. Non-adjustable, non heim racing shocks are allowed. Only one shock per wheel.

3. Shocks must be mounted in original stock location. Stock A-frames only. Stock cross member only.

4. On leaf spring cars, stock spring and stock length spring shackles only, No adjustments on shackles and no
lowering blocks.

5. Nothing attached to rear end of car other than stock components.

6. Coil spring cars must have coils tethered


1. Transmission and rear-end must be stock for make and model of car. Ex. G.M. to G.M - Ford to Ford- Mopar
to Mopar. Rear-end must be a “non cambered” rear-end.

2. Transmissions:
a. Automatic transmission must retain torque converter.
b. No after-market power glide, Tucker or TCI. No direct drive transmissions, no stalls.
c. Must start under own power. Must idle in all gears. Tech official has the right to drive any car to
check the transmission at any time.
a. Any manual-type transmission must be in an OEM or OEM replacement case.
b. For manual-type applications only, an external steel and/or aluminum, single or multi-disc clutch
inside an explosion-proof steel bell housing will be permitted. The bell housing must be a minimum 270
degrees around top of clutch/flywheel area.
c. Special purpose, after-market type racing transmissions will not be permitted.

3. Stock location on rear-ends and stock rear-end control arms. No lengthening or shortening of control arms.
All bars must be mounted in same location on both sides. One hole per mount on frame and rear end. No
adjustments or slots. NO heim ends.

4. 9" Ford “non cambered” rear-ends are optional for ALL cars.

1. 15 in. maximum tire height, 60 or 70 series tires. mud and/or snow tires will not be permitted. Ump Hoosier
mod tires, D,A,H are allowed. No grooving, siping. Pure stock buffing tires is allowed.

2. Maximum 8 in. wheels, Right side white spoke wheels with 1 in. lug nuts required. Wheel safety will be
strictly enforced. Wheel studs must extend 1” from center of wheel. No stock length studs allowed.

3. No lightweight aluminum wheels. Bead locks allowed on right side only. Foam only mud plugs allowed.


1. No aluminum heads or blocks. Motor must be stock for make and model of car. GM to GM, Ford to Ford,
Mopar to Mopar.

2. No dual line double pump carbs allowed. One four barrel, Holley, Quadrajet, or Edelbrock ok. No
aftermarket carbs. Max 1 inch spacer allowed under carb. Stock two barrel ok. No alcohol.

3. Cast iron intakes only. No aluminum or high-rise intakes.

4. Headers allowed. Exhaust turndowns must be minimum 6 inch behind firewall, max 12 inch behind firewall.
Approved mufflers mandatory.

5. Straight plug heads only except Ford. No GM angle plug heads. No roller cams or roller tip rockers. No stud
girdles (Guide Plates are ok). Factory stock ignition, no M.S.D. type ignitions.

6. Motors must be in stock location. Steel motor mounts are allowed. #1 spark plug must remain in front of ball

7. Motor claim $1000 – Promoter Only – Anyone not selling will forfeit all points and monies and be suspended
for 1 (one) calendar year. Claim is for complete motor and all bolt on accessories.

8. Mufflers are mandatory.

9. No Electric Fuel Pumps.

10. Weight rule 3200 lbs. with driver after race.

Rules subject to change without notice.
This pure stock class is a racing division focused on family participation and is based on rules that
accommodate lower cost and competition.

No equipment will be considered as having been approved by reason of having passed through tech inspection
It is your responsibility to see that your car is legal. If you have any questions ask! All cars are subject to
weekly inspection. There will be no admission or pit fee or entry fees returned if your car cannot run that night
for whatever reason. Remember, rules may not cover every incident that may occur. Therefore, in those
situations the decision of the promoter and/or inspecting official is final. If you are asked to make changes to
your car you must do so that night, please do not ask if you can run one week like it is. If your car is found
illegal after a race, you forfeit all monies, trophies and points for that night.
All drivers are responsible for the actions of their pit crews. Any activity that is deemed to be poor=conduct will
result in the driver, pit crew member and car owner suspended for a time set forth by the promoter and a fine
not exceeding $1000 will have to be paid before you are allowed to race again.
The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and
to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all
events and by participating in these events. All participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No
express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of/or compliance with these rules and/or
regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against
injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.
The race promoter shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or
impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No
expressed-or implied warranty of safety should result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretation
or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.
No alcoholic beverages or drugs allowed. Any driver under the influence of either or both of these faces
immediate suspension from all activities concerning T
hunder Valley Raceway for a period of time set forth by the

2015 Pure Stock Rules