Drivers must be at least thirteen years of age unless approved prior to event by speedway management. A
copy of the minor’s birth certificate will be required. All minor drivers must complete a minor’s guardian
release form before entering the Pit area each event night.

American or Foreign front wheel drive 4 passenger cars with a maximum wheelbase of 104 inches. The
cars prohibited from competition are: HONDA CRX, MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE, EAGLE TALON and
PLYMOUTH LASER. No Trucks, Station Wagons, Vans, Two Seat Sports Cars or Convertibles.
The Promoter and or Track Ownership reserve the right to claim any car, minus your safety gear (seat,
belts etc.) for $1,400.00. Refusal to submit to the claiming will forfeit all points and money for the
program that night. In addition the car and driver will be banned from racing in the Hornet class at
hunder Valley Raceway  the remainder of the season.
The Hornet feature winners will start no better than 10th in their next feature event.

The top five cars from the previous hornet feature event will be presented to officials prior to the start of
the current night’s event practice.

All drivers must wear flame retardant uniforms, flame retardant gloves, flame retardant racing shoes and
SNELL or DOT approved racing helmets during any conduct of competition or practice. Fire retardant
underwear, socks and head socks are highly recommended.
An approved racing seat is required and must be securely installed. All drivers must use a double over the
shoulder 5 point harness, lap belt, crotch strap. All belts should be replaced every two years as per
manufacture specifications. Full containment seats are to your benefit but if you don’t use one a right side
head net and or driver side window net are required.
Roll cage (Required) and safety tubing utilized in the construction of the roll cage must be 1.50-inch
Outside Diameter, .095-inch thick magnetic steel tubing. The rear hoop should have bracing that crosses
in an ‘X’ configuration. A minimum 1.25-inch outside diameter cross bar is required across the top of the
halo bar. The roll cage must be securely fastened (welding is required) utilizing .250-inch plating to
mount cage to the frame. Only magnetic steel will be permitted. Iron, galvanized pipe, fittings, square
tubing, brazing and/or soldering will not be permitted. A minimum of three (3) door bars on the driver
side are required. Two (2) door bars on the passenger side, mounted in a horizontal manner are strongly
recommended. Vertical bracing from the top-to-the-bottom of the door bars on both sides is required. A
minimum of two (2) windshield bars and protective screen will be required in front of the driver. No bars
allowed forward from the roll cage and no bars may extend to strut towers.
The driver compartment must be sealed completely from the track, the engine and the fuel tank. The front
and rear firewalls must remain and any holes patched with magnetic steel. All material considered
flammable including but not limited to the radio, airbags must be removed. The magnetic steel floor pan
and trunk pan must remain unaltered in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Any work that is done
in the form of patches must be completed with magnetic steel.
The hood does not need to be altered from OEM.
Kneepads and roll bar padding suggested.
An “ON” and “OFF” 12 volt ignition kill switch is recommended and marked clearly.
All body trim must be removed.
All glass, lights, mirrors and airbag systems must be removed.
All original interior must be removed.
Tow chains are required in the front and rear capable of lifting the car.

Design and Appearance:

The body must remain unaltered and OEM in appearance and clearly lettered with a minimum of 18”
numbers on sides and roof deck. (No sun visors over 6 inches, no skirting added to original body, no
wings or spoilers)
The hood and trunk lid or hatchback must be positively and securely fastened at all times.
All doors must be positively and securely fastened.
The dashboard may be removed and replaced with metal.
Front and rear bumpers must be positively and securely fastened. Welded, chained and/or cabled to the
frame will be permitted.
The OEM bumpers must remain on the vehicle, but may be altered to allow for tow hooks. Alterations to
OEM original widths, heights and depth will not be permitted. Repairs must be kept to a minimum.
A Radiator protection bar may be added to the frame as long as it does not extend forward of the OEM
bumper mount and not wider than original frame.
All pedals must be stock OEM make and model on stock mounts.
OEM throttle cables required no linkages.

All components and mounts must remain unaltered and OEM and must match the year, make and model
of car in competition.
Weight jacks, modifications, racing components, adjustable struts, aftermarket or homemade traction
devices will not be permitted.
A maximum of 5 degrees of camber will be permitted on any wheel.
Center mounted steering will not be permitted.
A quick release, aftermarket steering wheel will be permitted. The steering column must remain OEM
and unaltered. Aftermarket remote reservoir power steering will not be permitted.
All shocks and struts must remain unaltered and OEM in the OEM location. Spring rubbers will be

All brake components must be unaltered, OEM, magnetic steel and operative on all four wheels.
Disc and/or drum brakes will be permitted and they must match the year, make and model of the vehicle
in competition.
Only OEM Master Cylinders in OEM location will be permitted.
Brake shut off and/or valve bias adjuster(s) will not be permitted.
Only magnetic steel brake lines will be permitted.

Wheels and Tires:

Only OEM DOT 13, 14, 15 or 16-inch passenger tires will be permitted. Racing, mud, and/or snow tires
will not be permitted.
Alterations of any type including re-caps, softening, chemical alteration, conditioning, siping and/or
grooving will not be permitted.
All right wheels must aluminum, with a maximum width of seven (7) inches and a standard bead.
All tires must remain inside of the body.
Wheel spacers and/or bleeder valves will not be permitted.
One (1) inch Outside Diameter magnetic steel lug nuts on steel wheels are required.

Engines and Electronic Equipment:
Only four (4) cylinder in-line electronic fuel injected engines will be permitted.
All engine components must remain unaltered and OEM for the year, make and model of the car being
used in competition.
After market air filters are acceptable as long as they remain under the hood. The tube may be modified in
Compression must be at OEM specifications for year make model when tested.
Engines must be within reasonable tolerance levels of vacuum with OEM specifications, must idle at
1000 rpm or less.
All engine components must remain unaltered and OEM including but not limited to; crankshaft,
connecting rods, valves, valve sizes and the bore and stroke.
Aftermarket and/or racing-type cylinder heads will not be permitted.
High performance and/or sports car engines of any type will not be permitted. Turbo charged, super
charged, carbureted, rotary engines and/or engines utilizing a variable cam-timing system will not be
All ignition components must be unaltered, OEM and match the year, make and model of the car in
competition. Only 12 volt ignition systems will be permitted.
Ignition boxes and/or performance chips and/or any ignition enhancing devices will not be permitted.
Traction control of any-type will not be permitted.
Only one twelve (12) volt battery, securely mounted with both terminals covered will be permitted. If the
battery is moved from OEM location, the battery must be mounted securely in a Marine-type case.
Only stock OEM starters in the OEM location will be permitted.
Only one aftermarket tachometer, oil pressure and water temperature gauge(s) will be permitted.
The vehicle computer (ECU) must be mounted in a visible location providing ease of inspection.

Exhaust System:
The exhaust must exit under the car.
Aftermarket exhaust systems may be used.
Removal of the catalytic converter and smog pump will be permitted.

Engine Compartment:
The engine and radiator must be OEM and mounted in the stock OEM location for the year, make and
model of the car in competition.
Solid engine mounts and/or safety chains will be permitted.
Accumulators and/or accusumps will not be permitted.
Reinforcing will not be permitted with the exception of the front strut bar.

Transmission & Driveline:

The transmission and/or transaxle must remain OEM and unaltered for the year, make and model of the
car in competition.
All forward and reverse gears must be operational.
The flywheel, flex plate, clutch and/or torque converter and/or assembly must remain unaltered and OEM
of the year, make and model of the car in competition.
Mini-type clutches and/or couplers will not be permitted.
Transmission coolers in the driver compartment will not be permitted.
Torque dividing final drive systems will not be permitted.
Locked differentials of any type will not be permitted.


All chassis and frames must remain unaltered and OEM.
A maximum wheelbase of 104-inches will be permitted.
The magnetic steel floor pan must remain unaltered and OEM. Any work that is done in the form of
patches must be completed with magnetic steel.

Weight for Ballast

Additional weight of any type and location will not be permitted. Any item(s) that are deemed to provide
additional weight must be removed.

Fuel Tanks and Fuel
The fuel system must be complete, unaltered and OEM for the year, make and model of the car in
Only standard pump gasoline will be permitted for competition. A maximum of 93 octane. Performance
additives will not be permitted.
Aftermarket Racing Fuel Cells will be permitted. They must be securely mounted behind the driver
compartment and must have a rear firewall separating the driver and fuel cell.
Cool cans will not be permitted.
Fuel lines must be securely fastened and in a safe location.

Competition Formats:

Every driver must draw at the Pit Gate.
Heats will be set up by the draw for positions. Hornets will earn their way to the feature through the heats
by order of finish. The total car count in attendance will determine how many heats, semi features or C
mains will be run as well as the number of cars that transfer from the heats to the feature. (Redraw) To be
determined at a later date.
You must take at least one green flag lap in your race to receive start money for that event.
The Hornet feature winners will start no better than 10th in their next feature event.
The rules outlined may not cover every incident that may occur. In those situations the decisions of the
Competition Director and/or Track Officials may refer to UMP Compact rules and are final.
2015 Hornet Rules