2009 U.M.P. Bomber Rules

All cars must have mufflers. Schoenfeld 8 inch mufflers part #83535 or its equivalent. Be sure
mufflers are mounted solid (no hose clamps). If your muffler comes off, you will be disqualified for
that event. Please do not call and ask if you can run without mufflers. You will be denied. Do not
tamper with your mufflers. Headers are allowed for easier muffler placement.


Any American made sedan with a minimum stock wheelbase at least 108" full frame cars only (NO
UNI-BODIED CARS). 108" wheel base cars must have a metric frame. Wheelbase must measure
the same on both sides of the car. No shortening of factory wheelbase. All glass, chrome
headlights, taillights, door handles, rubber trim emblems, upholstery, trailer hitches, roof headliners
and hood insulation must be removed before reaching track. No trucks, station wagons, novas or
convertibles allowed. A frame mount 4 (four) point roll cage with at least 4 (four) bars in he drivers
door and at least 3 (three) in the passenger side door. Roll cage must be constructed using at least
1 ½" diameter tubing. No exhaust tubing allowed! All butt welds must be gusseted. All doors must
be welded or bolted shut. Three (3) driver protection bars are required in the drivers' side
windshield in front of the driver. Roll bar padding is highly recommended. Window nets are highly
recommended. All open holes must be covered with steel. Driveshaft hoops are required within 12"
of front and rear of driveshaft, which means you must have 2 (two) driveshaft hoops. Driveshaft
must be painted white and kept white all year. Tow chains capable of lifting car must be on front
and rear bumpers. Cars must have complete front and rear firewall. Firewall may be moved to
accommodate engine and transmission removal. Firewall may be fabricated out of sheet metal.
Cars must have complete stock floorboards. No interior decking allowed. Steering quickening
devices are optional.


No modifying of suspension. All suspension parts must be stock OEM parts. It is REQUIRED that the
stock rubber coupler on the steering box be replaced with a steel knuckle. Frame may not be
added to or altered in any way. Shocks must be stock mounting shocks and mounted in stock
location. No heim ends. Trailing arms must be mounted in stock position. No adjustable trailing arms
on rearend. No adjustable shocks. One shock per wheel. Rear weight jacks only. No changing of
coil to leaf or leaf to coil. Minimum weight with driver after race at scales is 3000 pounds.


Engine and transmission may be mounted solid, but only in stock position. No roller rockers, roller
tip rockers, roller cams and no electric fuel pumps. Headers are allowed. No magnetos, stock
ignition only. Straight plug heads only. No angle plug heads. Oil must stay in pan, no dry sumps.
One (1) carburetor with no more than 4 (four) barrels. No double pumpers or duel lines. No after
market carburetors (no predators, etc). Pump gas only, no alcohol. No high rise or aluminum
intakes (except for the Typhoon (part #52021) aluminum intake). The Typhoon #52021 is the only
aluminum intake allowed. No aluminum heads or blocks. Bert, Brinn, Falcon or Tucker
transmissions or a stock automatic transmission with a working torque converter will be allowed. NO
OEM manual transmissions will be allowed.
If running a Bert, Brinn, or Falcon transmission the car MUST WEIGHT 3400 pounds.
No quick change transmissions allowed. Car must be able to self start and be able to move forward
and backwards with engine running. Regardless of the transmission used, transmission fluid may
NOT be controlled by a valve or any other means outside of transmission. Stock rear ends only.
Rear ends may be locked. 9" Ford rear ends are allowed (No Floaters). Disc brakes are optional
with stock calipers only. Racing brake pedal is ok. No brake adjusters allowed.


Hoosier E-Mod A-40, D-40 or H-40 compounds will be permitted. Grooving is strictly prohibited on
all tires. Only the A-40 and H-40 may have slight siping. No grinding on sidewalls. Recapping is not
permitted. Hoosier Dirt Stocker or Super Dirt Stocker tires may be used for 2009 season only. No
grooving or siping of these tires allowed. Tire and wheel combination must pass through a 10 ½"
hoop smoothly. No mag, aluminum, carbon fiber (plastic) wheels allowed. White spoke or racing
wheels recommended on right side of car. Bead locks on right side only will be allowed. One (1)
inch lug nuts are required. Maximum wheel width is 8".


Competition seat, 5 point safety harness (not more than 3 years old per manufacturing dates on
belts), approved helmet and complete fire suit are required at all times that your car is on the track.
Safety gloves, socks and underwear are highly recommended. Seat and belts must be mounted
securely to the roll cage of the car. If bottom of fuel cell is lower than trunk pan, it must be in steel
can and have a minimum of 10" ground clearance. Fuel lines may pass through driver
compartment, but must be braided fuel line. Fire extinguisher is required in each car and in each pit
area. If battery is in drivers' compartment, it must be encased in a marine type box with a lid. Seats,
belts, uniforms, helmets, and all safety equipment can be inspected at any time by track officials.


Stock appearing body panels only. Fenders, doors, and quarter panels must remain as close as
possible to original body lines. After market plastic nose and tail pieces will be allowed. No
uni-bodied car bodies on full frame cars. No skirting or body panels lower than stock. Roof may be
cut to install roll cage but, must be put back in near stock position. No rear spoilers allowed. No
bars outside of body on side of car. All cars must be kept presentable. No wedge noses allowed.
Hoop bars are allowed on front and rear bumpers. A hoop bar protecting the fuel cell is also
allowed. No holes will be allowed in the hood. Hood and trunk must remain on car at all times. Hood
pins only in hood and trunk. No bolts and screws. No mirrors allowed.


All weights must be painted white and have your car number on them. Weights must be mounted
with bolts to the frame or roll cage. Not on top half of roll cage or on the rear bumper. No taping of
weights. Drivers' seat must be mounted forward of rear seat mounting points. All cars must be
clearly and neatly lettered at least 24" high on both sides and roof of car. If you know of someone
else with the same number as yours, you may be required to add a letter or change your number.
Weights must be bolted with at least 2 (two) ½" bolts. Car color and car number must be color
coordinated and easy to read. No mirrors allowed. No radios or transmitting listening devices
allowed. No computer controlled devices or traction control devices of any kind allowed on the car.


Promoter has the right to claim any engine for $1500. If you refuse the claim you will be suspended
for the remainder of the racing season, in the bomber division. Failure to sell will also result in the
driver losing all points up to that date and all money earned that night.