By Jaime Gregory

Salem, IN - May 13, 2011 - Finally after a month of rainouts at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Salem, IN, track
promoter Mason Fleetwood was finally able to get the season started on Friday night.  Mother Nature has
certainly not worked in favor of the local dirt tracks so far this racing season, but the odds were beaten and
there was lots of great racing.  Friday night was the mini stock special.  If you have never been to Thunder
Valley, you are missing some of the best UMP Mini Stock races around with some of the best drivers.  The
feature was sure to be a good one with the father and son duo of Tim and Chevy Goodson.  With strong runner
Bobby Jackson right behind them.  All eyes were on cheif starter Colton Fleetwood waiting the start of the
twenty lap event.  Father Tim Goodson pulled out to the early lead, and holding on to it for the first five laps.  
Jackson came on strong at lap six showing the leader he wasn't going to give up.  Jackson would keep the lead
for ten laps with Chevy Goodson hot on his tail.  C. Goodson was finally able to make the pass on lap sixteen
and never looked back.  

Thunder Valley will be back in racing action next Friday night, May 20 with a regular show.  A regular show at
Thunder Valley consists of 1000cc Mini Sprints, UMP Mini Stocks, UMP Pure Stocks, UMP Bombers, Pro Trucks,
UMP Hornets and a hornet class for rookies ages 16 and under.

UMP Mini Stocks:

1. 7 Chevy Goodson 2. 98 Bobby Jackson 3. 1 Tim Goodson 4. 47 Ruben Lewis 5. 15C Cody Bower                
6. 95 JT Huffman 7. 72 Matt Weston 8. 25J Jarod Fleetwood 9. 4 Erik Woodward 10. 69 Austin Fordyce
11. 17 Nick Mosier 12. 35 Marvin Stout 13. 99 Todd Combs 14. 44 Tony Pumphrey

Pro Trucks:

1. 25 Bill Pack 2. 11 Duane Hilderbrand 3. 23 Kyle New 4. 8 Roger Snell 5. P3 Joey Cochran
6. P2 Rodney Buger 7. 97 Jeff Tweedy 8. P4 Eric Morrison 9. P21 James Dean 10. 88 Shon Snell

UMP PUre Stocks:

1. 31 Mickey Hines 2. 52 Curt Bennett 3. 6H Jeff Helton 4. 66 Dalton Fleenor 5. B52 Brad Kemp

UMP Bombers:

1. 7 Randy Lee Jr. 2. 42 Terry Ross 3. 54 Jake Reed

UMP Hornets:

1. 50 Carrie Gilley 2. 11 Uriah Haub 3. 9 Daniel Stout 4. 74 Chip Colglazier 5. 21B Tyler Blythe 6. 69 Ron Olsen
7. 89 Robby Davidson 8. 5H Chris Helton 9. 2 Derek Smith 10. 71 Tracey Nicholson

Hornets 16 & Under:

1. 00 Chanler Fleetwood 2. 4A Aubrey Eagon 3. 1 Jarod Fleetwood 4. 50 Logan Mounce