UMP Super Stocks (4 Entries): 6J-Jeremy Helton, X-William Burton, 37-Jason Hehman, 26-Ryan Hehman

Mini Sprints (4 Entries): 69-Corey Ritchie, 51-Paul Davis, 10-Brian Harrison, 5-Joey Sutherland

UMP Mini Stocks (20 Entries): 98-Bobby Jackson, 81-Jim Walter Jr., 11-Chevy Goodson, 99-Randy Lee Jr.,
22-Gary Day, 4-Erik Woodward, 60-Tim Kelley, 15C-Cody Bower, 72-Ray Weston, 95-JT Huffman,
35-Marvin Stout, 56-Evan Naugle, 44-Tony Pumphrey, 02-Dustin Kelley, 9-Jimmy Balentine, 11-Tim Goodson,
02-Joseph Slack, 69-David Fordyce, 69A-Austin Fordyce (DNS), 711-Rick Purtlebaugh (DNS)

Trucks (11 Entries): 4-Michael Blakenbaker, 14-Matthew Blakenbaker, 88-Shon Snell, 888-Duane Hilderbrand,
                            25-Bill Pack, 23-Kyle New, 8-Roger Snell, P4-James Dean, P3-Joey Cochran,
                            P2-Rodney Bugher, 97-Jeff Tweedy

Rain halted the events on lap 13 of the truck feature, therefore making that feature a complete race as it was
more than half way.  The pure stock feature will be made up next Friday, May 14 and the bombers, hornets and
16 & under hornet feature will be made up the following week, Friday, May 21.